Water Jetting

Water Jetting involves the use of very high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions in drainage, sewer or food industry systems. High-pressure water jets clear blocked drains without the need for any abrasive or environmentally damaging chemicals. Water jetting can almost completely remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt, and mineral deposits built up within drainage systems over many years.

High pressure water jetting is more effective than traditional rodding methods in breaking up the blockage debris and washing it clear of the pipe

Water Recycling with Jetting

The main problem with current practice in Ireland is the huge waste of drinking water and the increase in volume of wastewater that must be treated in the treatment works. The solution to this problem is sewer cleaning using water recycling.
There are 5 tanks onboard the Recycler, one tank holds Recycled water, another tank holds semi recycled water, another tank holds the debris sucked up from the sewer or drain. The other tanks hold water for the high volume suction pump and fresh water.

How it Works:

  1. Water can be sucked up from any location, sewers, drains, rivers etc into the recycler. The water and debris that is sucked up is separated inside the Recycler truck so that the debris stays in the debris tank for disposal and the separated water is used for the purpose of sewer cleaning.
  2. The jetting hose is inserted into the sewer/drain/river (via a manhole) and the Recycled water is pumped through the jetting hose and jetting nozzle at the end of the hose.
  3. This process effectively power washes the inside of sewer and pulls the debris from the sewer to the manhole.
  4. The truck is continuously sucking from the manhole and automatically recycling the water and waste sucked from the manhole.