GPS & Mapping

GPS & Mapping involves using cutting edge technology to complete underground surveys such as (GPR) Ground Penetration Radar, Radio-detection, EML (Electromagnetic Location) and many other procedures to provide highly accurate and reliable underground utility information. We will adopt PAS:128 specification systems for underground utility detection, verification and location (PAS:128 is described in more detail below). Once all the services are detected, located and sprayed up on the ground, we will use GPS to record all the services locations. A set of as-built drawings can then be generated from the collected data, resulting in 2D and 3D drawings in the form of AutoCAD and PDF. 

PAS:128 specification systems focus on levels of accuracy, with survey category types ranging from Category A to D as described below.

Category A:

This involves a visual inspection of all underground services after the area has be excavated by means of a vacuum excavator or hand dug trial holes.

Category B:

An on-site utility mapping survey is completed using multiple geophysical instruments such as the GPR and EML to identify the exact position of all services.

Category C:

Based on records obtained from utility providers the surveyor visits the site to verify and spray service locations on the ground as per drawings.

Category D:

Obtaining all utility records from all the utility providers(GNI, ESB, Irish Water, Local councils, Eir, Virgin Media and other service providers.