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Oak Enviro provide specialist environmental services to commercial and industrial customers nationwide.

Water Jetting

High-pressure water jets clear blocked drains without the need for any abrasive or environmentally damaging chemicals


A non-invasive technology ideally suited for excavation work on sites where existing buried pipes, cable and other utilities are present.

CCTV Drain and Pipe Inspection

Internal investigation of pipelines to discover the reasons for deposit build-ups and other damage.

GPS and Mapping

Complete underground surveys such as GPR, Radio-detection, EML and many other procedures to provide highly accurate and reliable underground utility information.


Coronavirus Response

Oak Enviro realises the serious threat and importance of cleaning and disinfecting both indoor and outdoor areas during this current emergency pandemic. Essential Services and public areas require specialised cleaning and disinfection due to the high capacity for transmission of Covid-19

Internal Cleaning Services

Our internal cleaning services can be carried out in offices, residential properties, hospitals, educational facilities, Garda Stations and shopping centres.requirements.

External Cleaning Services

Our external cleaning services are suited for hard surfaces such as walls, floors, doors, windows, roads and pavements.

All of our cleaning solutions and processes are carried out within the guidelines of the CDC recommendation and are bespoke based on the site requirements.


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